Our Team


iFollowup was founded as a result of a simple observation: sales followup is a time-sucking job that was at the bottom of everyone’s list. Yet when we dug into the numbers, the 20% of our team that was religiously following up made 80% of our sales.

So we sat down, burned a lot of midnight oil, and created a powerful, easy-to-use sales follow up process that changed our lives.

Now we are dedicated to changing yours.

We will nurture your customers with relevant, interesting, and helpful information that will build their trust – and build your credibility.

YOU will be the first person they think of when they are ready to buy.


What We Believe

If We Make it Easy, Everyone will Benefit

Our mission is to nurture your customers as they travel along the sales path, being sure you are there when they are ready to buy. If we focus on making it very easy for you, our success will follow.

We Work Hard

The best companies in the world didn’t magically appear; they slogged it out, moving slowly but surely towards a goal. Our team celebrates the hard work that it takes to change the world.

Measure and Monitor Numerical Details

We meticulously measure everything we do, looking for 3% improvements here, 4% wasted energy there. This principle allows us to hone our messages and constantly improve how you will be perceived by your customers. Our goal is to make you look good!